Us Jewellery

Product photography
Packaging design
Web design & build

US Jewellery (FKA Underground Sundae) is a Melbourne-based jewellery label.

I've worked with this client from their very first logo, and through every iteration of the branding since.

The brands aesthetic has always been strongly driven by DIY and youth-culture, and every collection is an exploration of the value of jewellery, nodding at items we'd typically consider trash.

Bringing this ethos through to the branding, while also letting the product shine above all has always been the challenge with US.

With this latest rebrand I wanted to distinguish US from it's competitors. I achieved this by selecting a super vibrant RBG red as the primary brand colour, in a space dominated by whitespace and minimalism. Used liberally over all touch-points, even when clashing, the colour itself has become synonymous with US.

The logo was created in collaboration, using a sample of handwriting from artist Philip James Frost, left intentionally unfinished in reference to the jewellery's imperfect appearance.

Together with the client we extended the collateral to include stickers, pouches, ribbon and tissue to enhance the existing plain packaging and make the unboxing experience more fun.

I also rebuilt the website in the same fashion: slightly chaotic and vibrant with fun animations and hover effects, while remaining simple and easily shop-able.