Seed Money

Brand guidelines
Web design & build

Seed Money is a not-for-profit events company that connects early-stage emerging tech start-ups with investors.

The brainchild of the Seed Space VC founders, Seed Money engage and vet start-ups and investors and hold exclusive pitch events throughout Australia.

The brief was to create a new look for their relaunch in December 2019. They wanted a brand that was simple but friendly and engaging, something to bridge the gap between the old world style of VCs and the cutting edge style of emerging tech.

I developed the brand with a sense of humour in mind. Bright colours, oversized type and a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice.

The company name was so on-the-nose that I ran with it, using literal "seeds" and "money", to create bold prints and icons, as well as the motif of upwards growth, using arrows and graphs.

I designed and built the site using Webflow, with a straightforward UX - "Are you a start-up or an investor?", with the ability to capture multiple data points and create a database of contacts for events.